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Case study: How duplicate content under same brands can affect the PR and DA of website

If you are suffering from duplicate content and it is headache for you or disappointing you by the performance of website, so we will suggest you to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and Conversion Optimization, Content, and Pay per Click (PPC) Management.

Don’t use duplicate content, this time am using the example of RBS and Natwest, which works under same flag ie. RBS Group to explain how duplicate content can affect your page ranking (PR) and domain authority (DA).

Google-Panda-penaltyCase I:

RBS and Natwest:

These two mentioned sites are confusing for Google, I have analyzed;

Here Google is not able to decide between the two similar websites owned by the same group. At one hand they are flipping the positions of each other and after that they come together and perform a confusing dance in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

RBS ( and Natwest ( both are the flagship company of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Sometimes Google find it difficult to decide between these two similar sites owned by the same parent group.

Now it is crystal clear that these two sites are damaging each others rankings. The maximum rank PR achieved by Natwest on Google was three in early January. In first half of January 2014 both sites have lingered on pages 5 or 6 and then virtually disappeared in the second half of January 2014. As per business point of view, this performance can lead towards the loss in for business for the two banks. When Natwest, was on page 4 on Google UK than rivals such as; Sainsburys, Barclays, Tescobank was occupying the page one position.

1. Keyword: “offset mortgage”

For keyword, “offset mortgage” ranking of both sites were almost similar in the period of April 2014 to May 2014, when Natwest’s rankings was below than 100 on several occasions.

2. Keyword: “secured loan”

In other example the result was same for keyword, “secured loan” which is highly competitive keyword and it cost approx $ 20 per click via PPC.

3. Keyword: “secured loans”

If you look rankings for keyword “secured loans” for these two sites, than you can clearly see the problem as the content is identical for both sites. In short w e can say that RBS Group has basically set up two different sites with identical, themeing, URL structure and content.

how to scan duplicate content


Now its choice of RBS Group that they want these two brands on the top with high rank and independently from each other or they just want to save the money by duplicating content

For attain the proper growth these two sites should be capable to challenge the rival banks in search engine results pages, but in present they belong from nothing on Google because normal reader or user will not scroll the Google till page 3 or 4. The money saving on content can cause the loss of valuable traffic on website.

image06-1Case II:

Smile Bank and Co-operative Bank

Analysis for Smile Bank and Co-operative Bank is similar as RBS and Natwest, Smile Bank and Co-operative Bank are also the part of same group and affecting each other’s search rankings on Google.

1.Keyword: “changing current accounts”

For keyword “changing current accounts” Co-operative bank stands on page 20 on Google and eight months later it down to page 30 on Google and spent almost whole month at position 100. While writing the post I can see the Smile Bank on top 12 of Google for same keyword. It means Google decided to favor the Smile Bank and view the Co-operative Bank as duplicate content.

Google is good enough to spotting the links between sites: 

We all can know the same by simple web search, but how Google can decide that there is relationship between two sites.

I will suggest few signals for which Google may look for.

  1. Who is registration?
  2. Content
  3. Analytics code
  4. Servers
  5. IP address
  6. Link for parent group site

The Solution:

These examples indicate that Google is not in the mood to tolerate sites under the same flag and using identical content. The two banks of same group are competing on Google with each other insist of competing with rivals. The solution is simple that “to rank higher on Google they should produce unique content, no matter they are under same umbrella or offering the same product.

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