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Highest Paying Affiliate Networks: Top Ten Affiliate Sites for Professionals and Bloggers

It’s very complex to choose the affiliate networks because there are so many affiliates, who are paying good amount of money for every referral, but we cannot ignore the fact that some of them are nothing but scams.

How To Optimize ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Network (1)

Selecting the right affiliate network is very essential for your personal and professional branding, especially then when you are professional or blogger with huge number of followers. It’s nothing but the headache situation, if you want to select best and genuine affiliate network with an aim to provide quality services and products to your loyal readers.

We cannot ignore the fact that selection of best affiliate networks also depends on your niche, if you are from pro-blogging or marketing niche, so I can make you sure that it will game changer blog post for you. But before applying to get an affiliation make sure that you have high traffic on your website or blog because only then you will be able to make thousands of dollars per month.

However; in this post I’ve compiled the best affiliate networks of all time, which have sense of reliability with high payouts.

1. Clickbank:

Payment Type: Pay Per Sale

If you are just starting or planning to join some affiliate network, so Clickbank is best platform for you because it will provide you lots of features with an aim to help you in sales and get descent amount revenue, especially then when you don’t have millions of hits on your blog. With Clickbank, you can great opportunity to start your affiliate marketing career, even then if you don’t have blog or website because you can do it through emails, Facebook and other social media platforms.


  1. Easy approval
  2. Availability of promotional materials
  3. High payouts: About 75 percent

2. ShareAsale:

Payment Type: Pay Per Sale

If you are using your blog to promote products, so ShareAsale could be best bet for you to generate huge revenue through affiliate marketing. With ShareAsale you will get range of options and tools to promote products on your blog such as; text links, images and banners. It offers flexible commission rates, which means commission will depend on type of product which you are selling.


  1. Availability of marketing materials
  2. Flexible commission rates: 15 percent to 75 percent

3. Commission Junction:

Well, if you are pro-blogger, so I’m sure that you are aware about Commission Junction as the number one affiliate marketing platform. It’s one of the oldest as well as #1 Affiliate marketing platform (according to survey) as it has existence since 1998. If you have little experience, so we will suggest you to kick start your affiliate marketing career with Commission Junction because through it you can easily avoid scam affiliates. Not only bloggers and marketers, but also fortune 500 companies are trusting Commission Junction.


  1. Availability of promotional materials
  2. Most trusted affiliate network
  3. Unique characteristics: You can individually connect to merchant

4. Amazon Affiliate:

Payment Type: Pay Per Sale

That’s an ultimate affiliate marketing platform because if you are successful affiliate marketer, so you can make four to five figures commission in single day and the main reason behind this much amount is that its one of the most affiliate marketing platform, which market reliable and authentic products in all over world. Most of the affiliate marketing platform will transfer commission after certain time period such as; one week or one month, but it will transfer commission within 24 hours.

amazon affiliate networkFeatures:

  1. Easy approval
  2. Most trusted affiliate network
  3. Flexible commission rates: 5 percent to 50 percent

5. NeverBlue:

Payment Type: Cost Per Action

NeverBlue is one among the top 10 CPA affiliate networks, which means its perfect platform for you. It will pay you for each sale, download and leads. With NeverBlue you will get the list of 1000+ products and according to demand you can market products.


  1. Easy approval
  2. Availability of range of products
  3. Minimum payout: $ 25

6. ImpactRadius:

Its favorite affiliate marketing platform of pro-bloggers because major companies such as; Hostgator are using it. The founders of ImpactRadius and Commision Junction are almost same and due to that you have reason to trust it. With ImpactRadius your payout will be managed by the individual companies and due to that you need to get approval from them such as; For Hostgator you need to get approval from them and for AsmallOrange you need to get approval from them.


  1. One of the most trusted affiliate network
  2. You can directly contact to merchants
  3. Host of major companies

7. Themeforest Affiliate:

Payment Type: Pay Per Sale

Well, if you have blog through which you are educating people about Word Press, SEO, Digital Marketing, so it is one of best affiliate marketing platform. Themeforest Affiliate has four different platforms; Codecanyon, graphicRiver, Themeforest and Videohive.

Themeforest AffiliateFeatures:

  1. Upto 30 percent commission
  2. Availability of high resolution videos and images to promote themes
  3. Popular among Digital marketers

8. MaxBounty:

Payment Type: Cost Per Action

MaxBounty is one among Top 20 CPA networks because it try to give maximum profit to its affiliates. It will pay on per action basis, but remember it will not pay you for impression or clicks, it will pay if your website visitor will contact to merchant with an aim to do some action.


  1. Easy approval
  2. Flexible commission rates

Final Words:

If you are doing well in blogging and want to expand your skills and area or earning, so I think joining an affiliate networking could be best decision for you because it will provide you an opportunity to market your choice of products and earn for each sale. In present, there are many successful affiliate marketers who are earning four to five digit payments on daily basis.

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