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Hollywood is Planning to Boost the Chances of Online Censorship By Attacking on the Google

From last one year, the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is floating in all around the web and its none, but the movie and music companies which are facing the maximum loss due to online piracy.

google-censored-censorship-sopa-921x528If US Government will pass the SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act, then private corporations will lose the power over an internet. And it will allow the Admins of internet to bring down any website without permission or slow down its speed or ranking to alter the traffic and earnings of the website. It was year 212, when US Government was rejected to pass the bill because it aims to control the internet.

Who will get advantage from internet censorship?

Hollywood based Motion Picture Association of America, the one of the biggest corporations, which will get the benefit from these kinds of Act because after that any movie which will owned by these kinds of organizations will earn the dealer-to-dealer license to correct the any website on the internet. However; the internet giant such as; Google and Yahoo are against the idea of internet censorship and so our users. But these days Hollywood is generating a lot of heat from these issues.

In December 2015, the Google complained in a blog post that how big corporations of Hollywood are pushing the Google in investigation at the office of the Mississipi Attorne, General Jim Hood. However; the court has asked the Google to submit the documents which show any relationship between AG Hood and Hollywood Studios.

An email which was communicated between the MPAA and AG Hood was showed that how they are planning to damage the Google’s stocks and due to that again in December 2015, Google filled a suit against Hood with 141 documents. Google claims that Hood is simple abusing his authority and power.

Final Words:

Its clear that Stop Online Piracy Act is dangerous for both; users as well as for private companies and if US government will implement it so it could get criticism from all over the world, but don’t forget Google is still in fight.

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