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How duplicate content can affect your Page Ranking Domain Authority?

Updates from Google search engine always aimed to provide best result for user and their queries. In present every user made it clear that it’s very disappointing for them if they are not getting result oriented content with very little effort.

Different URLs, which contain the same content and are crawled in search engine’s indices, have been deemed duplication of content. Goggle is aware about this practice and has long warned that this practice will be penalized in terms of search no matter its international or national. With every Google update many sites, get penalized for duplicate content.

google pandaDo you know from where duplicate content comes?

There are many ways to create duplicate content, but remember that it can be fixed by little efforts. The biggest penalty for duplication of content is search visibility (lower rankings), and it’s also effect the SEO. It can cause a slower crawl rate, an overall loss of visibility in search and decreased page authority. Some most common ways from where duplicate content comes are;

  1. Multiple URLs with same content:

There are chance that you website is operated by a developer and powered by data base; there are chances that in data base their single article retrieved through multiple URLs. It means that an article about topic XYZ shows up in the database as and Every extension (content which comes after .com) points the same similar article within same database. According to developer it can be one article, but search engines use the root domains to check the uniqueness of article, not the extension. So in same database different extensions, which are the part of same domain, can cause the duplicate content, if they are not prevented being indexed by a search engine.

2. Printer friendly and mobile versions:

Most of the websites offer mobile accessible and printer friendly versions of their content. If these websites will not prevented from being indexed before it crawled, so search engine will see it as separate entities, for creating duplicate content. After that it will be the choice of search engine, that which version of the site to display and there is chances that search engine will not display the version which has ads, graphics and links or site owner would want people to land on.

content is king

3. URL Parameters and statics for Analytics:

Keep the track record of analytics and statics that sent a user because it is very important form SEO purpose. If you will not implement parameters of tracking and sorting so it can create duplicate content. It has to do with search engines that how search engines will view the domain extensions as separate web pages. No matter what parameters you are using, if you will send the different extensions to different users and you will not change the content, so it will create duplicate content.

4. Session Ids:

scan for duplicate contentFor any website it is needed to keep the user information, as they browse through different pages, to store items in shopping cart or in a wish list, for this each user needs to be assigned a session. In simple manner, a session is a short history of user that what he or she did while browsing on website in particular assigned session, which comes with specific Id. You can track it by the use of cookies, but there is not specific setup to assign the Session IDs to the URL by default. Each Session ID should be unique, which makes each URL unique, and now here you will get the duplication of content. .

All this is only few examples of many ways for duplication of content unintentionally or unknowingly. Never fear, and just be sure or discover that whether you have duplicate content on website or not. And it is highly recommended that don’t copy content from different website intentionally, if you want to maintain the PR and DA of website.

Final Words:

I will suggest you to hire the best content writers and provide quality content to readers. You can also use the plagiarism checker tools to check the duplicate content.

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