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How To Get Lots of Facebook Likes and Share?

You must have been using and spending hours on the Facebook with an aim to interact with friends and relatives and keep yourself update through status updates and post shares, but spending hours and interacting with friends and relatives are not enough to bring lots of likes and shares on your Facebook post. In this blog post I will share that How I’ve get lots of Facebook likes and share with double engagement on my Facebook account.

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Is it seems to like you story? Still you are struggling to get more Facebook likes and shares? Well, if your answer is yes, so here we have some practically proved tips to get maximum likes and shares on Facebook with double the engagement. One thing we would like to clear that we are not talking about fake or auto Facebook likes because they can be good in number but positively they have no effect when it comes to engagement, however; negatively Facebook can shut down your account forcefully. So let’s talk about the organic tips and tricks, which are pure ethical;

1.Be active and co-operative on your Facebook account:

If you are active on all the famous social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus, so it will be hard for you to give equal time to each of them because you have to do many other stuff such as; doing job, watching movies and much more, If you are the guy who want to win, so you have to find time and play the game seriously because if you will involve yourself into those 25 percent of Facebook users who never update their status, so you have to struggle for every like and share. Apart from that if you are among those 968 million daily active users who cannot live without posting their status or updates in Facebook, so it will be easy for you to get likes and shares on Facebook.

Always remember that if you will like and share the status of others, then only they will come to favor you back and this trick will help you to get the loyal base of likers.


Use some free tools such as; Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your posts, if you are too busy.

Post updates on regular basis and increase conversational connection with your friends and followers.

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2.To engage your friends and followers, always use master post:

Have you ever noticed that your some posts are getting better organic reach, while rests are not? And they are getting much number of likes, shares and comments. Yupp! These are posts which known as the master posts, mostly these posts are related to current news, announcements, sports or from some other segment and they easily attract your friends and followers to like and share them.


Always to try to post one master post in whole day and for that better to keep an eye on Facebook trends and with every status updates try to post good quality images.

Try to post detailed and variety of status updates because usually detailed, insightful and long posts perform better and it will also keep the audience’s news feed interesting.

For master post either use the time slot of 10am or 10pm because its time when maximum number of people use Facebook. However; on weekends it is different.

3.Ask opinions or ask questions to get more number of likes, shares and comments:

Its one of the best and ultimate way to get more number of likes, shares and comments on the Facebook posts. Facebook users love to express their opinions and suggestions, so if you are asking for opinions or asking questions on Facebook then surely you will get more likes, shares and comments. With this trick you will be able to increase the organic reach of your post.


You don’t have to ask mathematical problems or difficult academic questions, you can start with simple and interesting questions such as; “Who is going to win T20 cricket world cup”? “Do you think Indian team deserves to win the T20 cricket world cup”?

4. Post Videos:

In present, Facebook videos are best type of content which is able to generate huge organic reach. After trending links, it’s Facebook videos which have highest organic reach of about 10 percent. If you will regular post the links, so some how they will irritate your followers, so be innovative and creative while selecting the posts.

Your videos will perform better, if it’s native ie. Upload your video directly to Facebook (don’t use the YouTube video links).

5. Re-posting of the popular posts:

If post are popular, so it means people are loving them and if you will post it on your account, so your friends and followers will also like them because in your network there will be people who will see that post first time.

If you are running Facebook fan page, so will suggest you to re-share the video content on your Facebook account to get more engagement.

6. Optimize your website or blog with interesting conversation to get optimum conversions:

Its ultimate truth that its nothing, but your blog or website from where you can get the loyal audience and if your content is attracting the audience, so it will be easy for you to ask to your audience to hangout on Facebook page. We will suggest you to include the Facebook like and post share buttons on your website or blog. To get official Facebook like button click here.

Final Words:

We will suggest you to make genuine presence online because you can’t fake anything for long time and if you will show genuine presence, so it will help you to get connect with like minded people. Take stand on right or correct views and it will help you to get more credibility and loyal fans with more likes and shares.

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