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How To Get Referral Traffic On Your New or Old Blog?

If you are pro-blogger with new or old blog, so you need to feed traffic on your websites or blogs in an order to make it survive, but there are only few bloggers who are good in gaining Referral Traffic because it needs little more effort.


Most of the bloggers prefer to get Organic Traffic because it easy to get that, but they fail to gain the Referral Traffic, however; its true that Referral Traffic has more potential because referral traffic comes from bloggers of same niche, so there are chances to get loyal viewers with relevant feedback. If you will analyze the Monthly Traffic Report of any successful blogger, so you will understand that they have very high Organic Traffic and very low Referral Traffic. It’s easy to increase the referring traffic and its potential, but for that you have to put little efforts. Here are few tips which can help you get referral traffic in good number;

1.Guest Posting:

If your blog is new and you want to increase the reliability and authenticity of your blog with references to search engines, so I’ll suggest you to do the guest posting on the similar niche blogs, but make sure those blogs have high traffic because only then you will be able to drive that traffic on your blog. Apart from that while writing guest posting never forget to add creative and catchy Author Info as well as also add links of your blog, so that more viewers can land on your blog.

2.Commenting on similar niche blogs:

It is one of the oldest and best known tricks gain referral traffic on your blog. If you have to start commenting on the blogs of same niche, so we will suggest you to make the list of same niche blogs and spend 30 to 60 minutes daily with an aim to divert more traffic on your blog. Apart from that through commenting you can also gain back links to increase DA, PA, PR and Alexa Ranking of your blog. While commenting makes sure that you are leaving useful comment to gain tons of referral traffic. You can also comment on the social media pages of different blogs.

How To Get Referral Traffic On Your New or Old Blog1

3.Buy ad space:

If your blog is new and you want to get huge amount of traffic very quick, so I’ll suggest you to buy ad space on the blogs which have good amount of traffic, however; it also depends on your budget. Apart from that there are few blog owners who prefer to reward their top commentators by providing free ad space for one week or one month.

4. Add Link in the Blogroll:

You might have seen the link of different blogs at the bottom under the heading “Blogs I Like”. This is place where blog owners of similar niche exchange their blog links to get more traffic. If you are interested, so you can ask to your choice of blog owners to add your blog into Blogroll and you do the same. However; one or two Blogrolls are not enough to gain traffic, but if you will be able to get15 to 20 Blogrolls then definitely you will gain decent traffic.

Final Words:

If you will follow any two to three methods seriously, so definitely in very short time you will get good amount of traffic on your blog.

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