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How To Optimize ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Network?

There are many fresh and experienced affiliate networkers, who have started their affiliate marketing career with ClickBank and now earning thousands dollar monthly. If you are new in the field of affiliate marketing, so we will suggest you to get approval from ClickBank and use your skills to be successful.

If you have basic knowledge about affiliate marketing network then you can understand, why ClickBank affiliate network is leader in market. Apart from that if you have just started your career into affiliate marketing, so surely you should know about the ClickBank.


About ClickBank:

It is best platform for internet marketers because it provides unique opportunity to promote range of products and earn handful cash through blogs or website or email marketing or social marketing. With ClickBank you will find it easy to boost your marketing skills and experience. If you are newbie bloggers and want to enter into the field of affiliate marketing, so we will suggest you to start with ClickBank.

Products of ClickBank:

Well, in it comes to promote products, so the best part is that it only deals into digital products that are available for online downloading and there is no need to take responsibility for the physical delivery. In present, people are looking for genuine software’s, tools and other digital products, which means with the help of ClickBank you can cater the needs of people while earning handful amount of cash through referral traffic.

How to start with ClickBank?

If you want to promote ClickBank, products, so we will suggest you to first register with ClickBank and then you will be able to promote tens of thousands of products and according to your wish or demand of market you can select them.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Why you should join ClickBank?

ClickBank is offering very high sales commission and it is high as 75 percent per sale. However; commission is based on the pay per sale basis. If you want to make your professional career in the field of affiliate marketing, so we will suggest you to not hesitate to try ClickBank, if you are serious about your career.

Special features of ClickBank:

  1. Easy approval
  2. Availability of wide range of digital products
  3. Availability of promotional materials
  4. 75 percent commission per sale

Here are few tips to promote ClickBank affiliate ID or any other affiliate ID through different platforms;

1. Email marketing:

In the era of technology, almost everyone is using email to communicate, chat or signing in into different social media and online platforms. According to recent study, with email internet marketers can add personal touch and recommendation. If you are promoting your product in forums or social media, so we will suggest you to write your email ID and affiliate ID without any restriction. However; you can write your affiliate ID in signature. While writing an email makes sure that you are following the professional etiquette’s and using creative way to introduce your products such as; high resolution images, YouTube links, product review links and more. We will suggest you to send at-least 50 to 150 emails in day and avoid bulk sending because if your email will land up in spam folder, so you will get zero response.

Manual addition of affiliate Link could be time taking procedure, so we will suggest you to use WiseStamp into your browser, but WiseStamp will do it automatically.

2. Forums:

If you are serious about affiliate marketing and ready to test your skills, so we will suggest you to involve yourself into the forum discussion. For ClickBank products, forum promotion is one of the best methods because you can add your affiliate IDs with your signature. We will suggest you to find topic which is relevant with your product just don’t jump on every topic and start a copy paste work. Involve yourself in discussion and then recommend your product with approach and supportive statements.

3. Blogs and Website:

Well, if you own blog or website which have good amount of traffic, so we will suggest you to write some reviews about products and use YouTube videos to promote your product. In present, almost 70 percent affiliates are using their blog or website to promote products, but never forget to add your affiliate ID in your post or banners or text advertisements which you are suing on your website. We will suggest you to promote relevant products such as; If you have tech blog, so better to promote Anti Virus, Software’s and electronic gadgets.

Final Words:

While promoting products on any platform make sure that you are using affiliate IDs and appropriate links to support your statement. It’s better to use review links in your write-ups because people love to read and listen the practical experience. If you are looking for really hard cash, so we will suggest you join ClickBank because its offering 75 percent affiliate commission.

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