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How To Remove Any Webpage Completely From Internet?

Well, with the presence of web2.0 websites, social networks, guest posts and other different medium its easy to add any content, image, article or video on the Internet, but whenever it comes to remove them completely from internet, so most of us are helpless and in this blog post we will tell you that how to remove each and every trace of your webpage completely from internet.

Most of us believe that it’s impossible to remove any webpage or content or image or video completely from internet because there are few websites and professionals who make copy of it for professional or personal use. Even, if you will shutdown the website, so still you will be able to find few traces of your webpage or content or image or video on the internet, however you will not find any search page from that particular website.

Concept of content removal from Internet:

Well, if you are writer or pro-blogger or website admin or SME or SEO executive, so you will be used to deliver or post the content on the different websites, social media platforms and forums accounts. Whenever, you do a Goggle search regarding some keywords, so you find thousands of links because Google or other search engines lists all the pages, which are present on the internet. If you will try to remove something from Google or any other search engine, so you will be not able to do that because it’s now the source of that particular webpage.

How To Remove Any Webpage Completely From Internet1

How to remove webpage completely from Internet:

If you have removed webpage from Google Search Engine or Wayback Machine (keeps records of deleted web pages), so surely you have successfully eradicated the webpage’s from Internet. Your webpage could reside on any third party website, publication or blog and if you want to remove that completely from internet, so Google should know this and for that first you should delete this from original source and then remove the other third party links;

Step I: Simple delete the webpage:

How To Remove Any Webpage Completely From Internet2If you want to remove webpage from internet, so first of all you should remove it from your website and then Google will notice that page is missing, but still webpage is present on internet because incidentally you have created No page found error. Or apart from that you can use Google custom 404 code with an aim to delete the webpage from internet in graceful way.

While removing the content from Internet make sure that you are not messing up with website sitemap and existing links because if there will be many 404 error pages, so it will affect he ranking of your website.

Step II: Remove webpage from Google search result:

If you want to remove the listed page from Google search, so its not a cup tea because to do this you should have access to the original source, but what if because of certain limitations you are not able to visit the original source?

What will you do in this situation?

Suppose, someone has posted something bad about you and now you want to delete it from the search result because its harming your reputation, so we will suggest you to use Google’s removal troubleshoot and after that submit your request to remove webpage’s from the Google search result, but make sure that you have valid reason.

If that webpage is on your website, so we will suggest you to create robots.txt file and after that disallow that particular page.

Step III: Remove the meta-tags of that webpage:

If you want to remove individual page from Google search result then better to add robots meta-tag on that particular webpage, but don’t follow links for the entire page.

How To Remove Any Webpage Completely From Internet

Step IV: Delete content or webpage with Google URL removal tool:

If you know that “How to use Google’s URL removal tool?” to change or remove he published content, so better to use it.

  1. Open New Removal Request.
  2. Paste the link which you want to update or delete.
  3. In comments section give valid reason.
  4. Within 8 hours either Google will approve or deny your request.

Step V: If you can’t delete then better to bury it with some good stuff:

Well, if all the above mentioned are not working for your, so we will suggest you to create some interesting and positive content and replace it with the previous one in an order to dominate on the negative results.

Final Words:

If you want to remove some offensive content from Google, so we will suggest you to take the professional help by contacting the cyber police. However; to remove the normal content you can try above mentioned methods.

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