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How To Report Websites, which have Malware Software?

While browsing, you will find that there are many websites all around the web, which have some kinds of malicious software’s or bug, so it becomes our responsibility to support Google in Google’s Safe Browsing Initiative.

How To Report Websites, which have Malware SoftwareIf you are doing just normal browsing and you come to know that there is any website which doesn’t seems to ethical because of some un-proper auto actives from website such as; auto run software, malicious pop-ups and more, so we will suggest you to report that website or blog with an aim to support the Google’s Safe Browsing Initiative and save others from accessing unethical websites or blogs. I think its same which we are used to do in our offline life such as; After finding suspicious bag or product of road we are used to report it into police, but here you have to do all stuff on the comfort of home through internet, so you shouldn’t avoid it.

Here we will help you to know that “How to report malware website/blog or malware content to the Google?” So that search engine giant can take proper action against website/blog.

Report Websites/Blogs, which have malware content:

  1. To report website/blog you need to visit Google’s Report a Malware (Badware) Page.
  2. Now enter the domain name of website or URL of any specific page of website, which have malicious software or malicious content. You will also get the option to enter the additional information it is optional, but we will suggest you to fill some information to support your issue with website such as; from where you get the link or why you think this website should not be on Google.

How To Report Websites, which have Malware Software1That’s it.

Well, with just little effort and knowledge you can save hundreds of dollars of someone and that someone could be your partner, friend, or relative. If you are thinking that websites/blogs with malicious software content will only affect your desktop, so you are wrong because it can also affect and leave impressions on your mobile devices or tablets.

Final Words:

If you know that there is any website which is having malicious software content, so we will suggest you to report them or let us know through comments, so that we can report it with an aim to have peaceful and safe browsing experience on internet. .

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