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How To Scan Your WordPress Website/Blog To Detect Malicious Code In Blog/Website?

There are many bloggers and webmasters, who are using WordPress platform for blogging and professional websites because its one of the most popular and friendly Content management System (CMS), before using them make sure that they don’t have any suspicious or unwanted code and they are safe and secure for use.

How To Scan Your WordPress WebsiteBlog To Detect Malicious Code In BlogWebsiteWe all know that WordPress is an open source blogging platform which provides easy and convenient way to access the Content management System (CMS) and due to that most of the bloggers and webmasters prefer to use it. These days bloggers and professionals are earning huge amount of money through online activities such as; pro-blogging, internet marketing, product selling and much more. In initial days almost all the bloggers prefer to use free WordPress themes and plug-ins, but only few us know that actually they are not 100 percent secure and safe because they could have suspicious or unwanted code. If you are using free theme and you are feeling that there are some mess the in form of codes, so we will suggest you to scan your website/blog with an aim to detect the malicious code.

Why you should scan your website/blog to detect the malicious code?

If you have doubt, so we will suggest you to do the complete scan of website/blog because if website is filled with malicious code, so hackers can easily access to hack your admin account, which will be harmful for you. There are some coders who prefer to push the malicious code while designing free themes or developing the plug-ins for their own monitory benefit. Apart from these coders can also insert malicious code with an aim to hack website, when you use or install free software on your website/blog.

How To Scan Your WordPress WebsiteBlog To Detect Malicious Code In BlogWebsite

How to scan website/blog to detect malicious code in blog/website?

If you want to do safe and secure blogging, so we will suggest you to scan your website/blog to detect unwanted and malicious code. Here are we are recommending you some tools and methods trough which you can easily scan your website for potentially malicious code;

1.Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC):

The Theme Authenticity Checker is one of the best WordPress plug-ins which will help you to scan the each and every source file which is installed on WordPress theme with an aim to detect the malicious or unwanted code. If there will some malicious code, so it will display the path of respective theme file with number of suspected codes.

2.  Sucuri WordPress Security Scaner:

The Sucuri WordPress Security is security toolset in the form of plug-in, which aims to detect malware and monitor the security integrity. It is one of the globally accepted and authorized tools, which work well on the WordPress websites/blogs. The complete security suite of Sucuri WordPress Security will provide various other features such as; blacklist monitoring, remote malware scanning, security notifications and much more. Apart from that this plug-in also offers powerful firewall in an order to make your website more secure and safe.

3. Exploit Scanner:

The Exploit Scanner is plug-in, which will scan all your active plug-ins as well as files on the website. It will thoroughly scan your posts and comments database to prevent your website from hackers attack, but it will not remove any suspicious or malicious files on your WordPress website, however; it will notify you for the same and ask you to do it manually.

4. Wordfence:

The Wordfence WordPress is security plug-in that provides security of enterprise class and protect your website from any kind of attack or hack and for those features you don’t have to pay money. This is free plug-in and available on open source, however; it will check your IP address in order to premium support such as; schedule scan¸ country blocking, password auditing and more. It will make your website more safe, secure and 55 times faster than before.

5. Wemahu:

The Wemahu WordPress is crowd powered plug-in that scan your website/blog for the malware codes. It will scan your installed WordPress plug-ins and theme to detect malware. Apart from that if it will notice any change in the files, so it will notify you. Wemahu also provides timeout prevention.

Final Words:

If you are pro-blogger or you are webmaster for the organizational website, so we will suggest you to use any of these tools according to your comfort with an aim to detect malware or suspicious code on website/blog because if you will not do it, so hackers can hack your website/blog and apart from that Google can also ban your website from search results under Safe Browsing Initiative.

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