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Make Online Money: Best Google Adsense Alternatives

There are many people who are making huge effort to make online money and for them the basic source to get online money is Google Adsense, but now technology is changing and due to that in past few years many Google Adsense alternatives has emerged in digital world through which you can make huge profit.


Since last two decades, Google Adsense is one of the largest and best advertising group and still its market leader when it comes to Online Advertising Industry. For new websites, getting Google Adsense approval is not less than any dream, but the fact is that its pretty difficult because Google Adsense approval comes with lots of terms and conditions and if you will not follow them, so Google can ban your Adsense account even after approval.

Best Google Adsense alternatives:

If Google has denied your Google Adsense approval request or banned your Google Adsense account or you want to make money from some other sources as well, so here are some best Google Adsense alternatives, which can help your website or blog to make online money.

1. Luminate:

Luminate Inc. is one of the major online advertising program providers which provide interactive images for advertising. This is world’s first platform for image applications and it was founded in 2008 with a name Pixazza Inc. Currently its serving more than 150 million users per month with more than 30 billion page views per year.

Number of unique visitors: 150 million users per month

Minimum Payout with Luminate: $ 10 through PayPal account

adBrite2. adBrite:

adBrite Inc. is 10th largest online advertising network that serves ads on more than 112, 880 websites. In 2008, it was the 6th largest online advertising network with the total market share of 2 percent. In present, adBrite have more than 320 million unique visitors per month out of them more than 160 million are from USA. It runs many different services such as; adBrite Audience Manager™ and adBrite Intelligence™.

Number of unique visitors: 160 million users per month

Minimum Payout with adBrite: $ 100 via Standard Cheque

3. Chitika:

Chitika Inc. is search based online advertising network and research firm. The name Chitika stands for “in a snap” and its Telgu term, a South Indian language. At online platform its offering three different products and you are free to select yours;

  1. Chitika | Premium: It displays advertisements directly from a major search engines.
  2. Chitika Local Ad Exchange: It serves the search based ads as well as local advertising both.
  3. Chitika Mobile: It allows Chitika | Premium ads to change their size and pixels to be best fit for mobile users.

Number of unique visitors: No specific data

Minimum Payout with Chitika: $ 10 via Standard Cheque or PayPal account

4. Kontera:

Kontera Technologies Inc. is an online advertising network, which was founded in 2003 to provide in-text advertising services. It is market leader in Text advertising. In present it has more than 150 million monthly users, however; it used by 1 percent among 10,000 websites on the basis of traffic.

Number of unique visitors: 150 million monthly users

Minimum Payout with Kontera: $ 50 via Standard Cheque or PayPal account

5. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is fully customized PPC based advertising program. It will provide you an opportunity to sell your ad space on higher bids. Advertisers will be able to place their ads directly on your website and they will pay you on the basis on visitor’s click. It serve text ads in different sizes such as; standard ad units, skyscrapers, banners and inline ads, apart from that it also provides an opportunity join an affiliate program to earn some extra cash.

Number of unique visitors: No specific data

Minimum Payout with Bidvertiser: $ 10 via PayPal account and $ 25 via Standard Cheque

Infolinks6. Infolinks:

In the field of pay per click In-Text advertising, Infolinks Inc is leader and it works with the leading content publishers. It helps advertisers to earn highest ROI and for that it use innovative technologies and unique text ads. In present, Infolinks has more than 300 million unique visitors from more than 50,000 premium websites.

Number of unique visitors: 300 million monthly users

Minimum Payout with Infolinks: $ 50 via PayPal account and $ 400 via BankWire or ACH payments

Technorati Media7. Technorati Media:

Technorati Media is one of the largest social media advertising network, which believes in client relationships and deliver campaigns from the top brands with very high CPMs. They have built antion sales team to work with top media brands such as; Google, IGN, Hearst, CNET, MSN, Yahoo, Washington Post, Tribal Fusion and Time Inc.

Number of unique visitors: No specific data

Minimum Payout with Infolinks: $ 50 via PayPal account or Standard Cheque.

Final Words:

In the era of technology, things are not limited and if your website is ban from using Google Adsense, so we will suggest you to try any of above mentioned online advertising network because they will provide you same opportunity to earn money.

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