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For Blog Reader and Website Users:

These terms and conditions will define our legal terms to use Digitalein.com for all readers and users. We have tried to present our terms and conditions as clear as possible through the legal definition, still if you have any question or confusion so contact us.

  1. Introduction:

While visiting or using our website, you are accepting all the mentioned terms and conditions. If you are disagree with any of the term or condition, so we request you to do not use our website and leave our website as soon as possible.

  1. All the terms and conditions will apply on all users and readers of Digitalein.com, as they cover the use of our website or blog.
  2. If you are subscribing through free or e-mail membership, so we request you to agree with these terms and conditions during sign-up.
  • The terms ‘us’ or ‘we’,‘Digitalein’, ‘Digitalein.com’ refers to the owner of the website.
  1. Our website may use the cookies and by using our website you are
  2. Our website uses cookies.  By using our website and you are agreeing with our terms and conditions and while using the website you consent to our use of cookies in accordance.
  1. Terms of use for the Digitalein.com blog:

The Digitalein.com website is freely available for all the users and readers and it is subject to the terms which are mentioned in the Licence to use Digitalein.com blog website content.

  1. You must not use the content of website of Digitalein.com in any way that causes or damage or may cause to the availability or accessibility of website in any way which is unlawful, which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or in connection with any harmful, illegal¸ unlawful or fraudulent purpose or activity.
  2. You are not authorized to use the content of blog in any form such as; to republish, copy, store, sent, distribute any material that consists any link or computer virus, spyware, keystroke logger, worm, rootkit or any other malicious computer software.
  3. While using the blog or website you are not supposed to do any activity related to systematic or automated data collection
  4. Your comment or content posted on Digitalein.com should be suitable for all the users, including those who are under the age of 13
  5. You are free to access our RSS feed by clicking on the mentioned icon. By accessing the RSS feed you are willing to accept these terms of use.
  1. Comment policy of Digitalein.com:

In order to comment on our blog, you must have to complete the registration. Access to blog is not restricted; however we reserve the right to access the certain areas of blog.

  1. License to use the content of Digitalein.com:

All the content and facts mentioned on our blog is the intellectual property of Digitalein.com and is subject to the license below as all the intellectual property rights are reserved;

  1. You are not allow to copy or alter the content of blog, but is doesn’t mean that you can’t take the reference from our work.
  2. You are supposed to use content for commercial purposes.
  3. You may view, read or educate the people.
  1. E-mail Communication:

If you are signing-up for e-mail update, so its mean that you are willing to receive the weekly or monthly newsletter service. Each and every reader has an opportunity to opt out for the email alerts.

  1. Limited warranties:

You must know that all the content and information publish on our blog is submitted by a team of authors and co-authors as well as paid post of guests or users and we do not edit all such information until they are breaching the ethics of website and ideal content in terms of use.

  1. In case of breach of terms and conditions:

If you will breach the terms of use or we suspect that you have breached any of the terms, so we may;

  1. Temporarily suspend your access for the website;
  2. Send you one or more warnings through formal e-mails;
  3. Block your computer by blocking your IP address;
  4. Suspend or delete your account with our website;
  5. File a court case against breach of contract.
  1. Third party websites:

Our blog may include the hyperlinks of other websites which are in operation by third parties. You must know that all of these links are not recommendations as we don’t have any control over the contents of the websites of third-parties.

  1. Competitions:

Sometimes we may run different competitions, free prize, give ways, lucky draws and other promotional schemes for website. All these schemes and offer are subject to separate terms and conditions.

  1. Law and jurisdiction:

All of these terms to use the website will be governed by the Cyber Law of Indian Government, and any disputes relating to these terms will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Lucknow, India.