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Use and meaning of status code of “301”

If you want to check, whether content on your website is duplicate or not so stay calm and check the below mentioned two suggestions to deal with this problem.

Use and meaning of status code of “301”Status code “301” is well enough to create the high ranking, and when there is more than one URL for same page, than those pages can compete with each other for ranking and visibility. If you want to get popularity quotient, ranking metrics, stronger relevancy, positive impact and more traffic, so use “301” redirection.

Meaning of status code:

Whenever server does anything to serve web page it generate the status code and writer the log files for that particular web server. The most common status code is “200”, it means the page was found, and the next most common status code is “404”,it means the requested page was not found on the server. Status code “301” means the page is permanently redirect and status code “302” means the page is temporary redirect.

Use of status code “301” redirect:

It means the page is permanently redirected or moved. If you are operating the several URLs and that all leads towards your homepage (,, in instances if you switched your site to a new domain and want to get seamless transition, or where you are combining 2 sites and want to ensure that old URLs lead towards the new page. The status code of 301 indicates that new site has permanently moved or link with a new. You single definitive page can be credited with many ranking metrics. One page can split between more than two URLs causes ranking metrics to be split in between the same, affecting the overall visibility and ranking of website.

Example:Use and meaning of status code of “301”1

Client request:


GET /index.php HTTP/1.1

Server response:


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Final Words:

Before you attempt for canonical tags or 301 redirects, you can face a difficult task ie. to discover or identify the duplicate content. And if you are in the effort to create the new unique content with quality as a part of SEO campaigns, so you can use the Duplicate Post Remover, Copyscape, WordPress plugging and few other software’s. It is simple way to identify the occurrences of duplicate contents or titles on pages and posts.

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